You may join the membership at any time during the year. Membership is based on an annual contract payable at the start of the membership period.  Checks, cash and credit cards are accepted.

The Interview

The Membership Program begins with a free, private no-obligation interview with Dr. Johnson. The doctor will ask you about your health history and your health goals, and it’s your opportunity to interview Dr. Johnson and ask questions about the membership and how it works.   If you choose to become a member you’ll be given a simple membership form to complete along with a medical history questionnaire and a membership kit that includes Dr. Johnson’s personal cell phone number.

The Physical

The membership annual fee is for all-inclusive primary care. Once you’ve paid the fee there are no per-visit charges. Superior care starts with preventive care. New members are encouraged to schedule an initial 60-90 minute office visit. During this visit Dr. Johnson will review your medical history and offer you a thorough physical exam. You will get recommendations for management of your current healthcare issues and a new plan for reaching your personal health goals. Losing weight, looking better, coping with stress—you’ll get the doctor’s personalized prescription to help you reach your healthcare goals.

Insurance Options

Many of our patients have discovered that an HSA (Health Savings Account) is the perfect complement to concierge care and can offset a significant portion of the cost of joining Dr. Johnson’s Membership Program. Your financial advisor or insurance broker can help you decide if an HSA is right for you, and you can ask Dr. Johnson for more information about how concierge medicine works with an HSA to keep you healthier and conserve your healthcare dollars.

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